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A backflow prevention device is required on all commercial properties where there is a potential risk of contaminating the potable water supply.

AT Plumbing & Gas Ltd can help you assess your site, identify what degree of hazard is present and how to find the best prevention device to contain that hazard.                  

There are Council requirements for your backflow to be tested annually.




AT Plumbing & Gas Ltd supply and install a range of pumps, filtration equipment, and water treatment equipment. 

The quality of our drinking water is essential for health and well-being. Water is our best defence.

Disease would be significantly reduced if we hydrated with clean filtered water that also had extra benefits. Ionized water hydrates, alkalizes and detoxifies the body more effectively than tap water and in fact any other substance!

AT Plumbing & Gas Ltd has a range of water ionizers—call us now and discuss the health benefits of these.